Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm an Arse

Yes, it's true. The Harlot was due in Chicago last night. When we were first informed of the wonderful news that we "got" her, I was so excited! I immediately came up with the zany idea of wearing everything I've ever knitted, yes, everything. I was even going to knit myself some bloomers for the occassion. My dear mother was appalled at the idea and I nixed it. Exactly one day prior to the anticipated event, I got the thumbs up AND a partner in crime. Beth had agreed to go as a goof with me! Yippie!!! Early Friday I did a fashion show for our local SNB gals and the wonderful Theresa has already posted the evidence. Of course, this is not everything I've ever knit, but these are the items that I knit for myself and 2 of The Husbands discarded items.

We were expecting 450 wonderful knitters at the Oak Lawn Hilton in anticipation of her arrival. Mother Nature was not kind, and darling Stephanie spent hours upon hours in the airport and on the tarmac in Toronto, Canada. By the time I arrived at the Hilton I was terribly sad and most of the knitters had either headed home or were yuckin' it up in the bar ~ lucky dogs!!! I was telling a few women whom I've become rather fond of, all about my devious plan. They gave me the nudge I needed and Auntie Kay escorted me down the center isle of the maybe 50 women left in the ballroom fully clad in pounds of 100% wool. Just a little cheer is all it took and I was up on stage. More cheers, some laughter, and it was all over. With no music, I performed an impromtu burlesque show. Sigh. And, honestly, all that was going through my mind was "Oh God! Why oh why can't I love to knit with cotton?!!" I can't begin to tell you how hot I was in all that sheep! And, of course, "Where oh where is Beth?!?!?" She, actually looked beautiful in all her extremely talented knits, not goofy like me. Except of course, her hats. She had approximately 6 hats atop her tiny head. Hee hee

Thank you to all who attended. It was a wonderful time despite the unexpected outcome. The good news?? Stephanie is rescheduling!!! :D . . . and I have time to knit COTTON bloomers ;)