Monday, October 22, 2007

Latest progress pics

Here are the current projects and their stats:

Purl. She's not so much a project, though LOL.

Isn't she soooo sweet?

Girlfriend's Swing Coat

The very first time using "cheap" yarn. I never wanted to use acrylic, but in order to knit something for my 5y/o it HAD to be washable and I didn't want to spend an arm & a leg on it. I'm using Plymouth Encore worsted. It's definitely not as bad as I had envisioned and I will use it again. Since this photo, I've bound off the bottom and finished a sleeve. I will be using a darker purple for the applied I-cord trim and collar. It's gonna be cute! And it fits like a glove!! Whoo hoo!

I don't know if you can see, but my purls are so loose! It shows up like a sore thumb on this yarn :( Hopefully it'll all come out in the blocking!

Argosy Scarf

I'm using size 6 bamboo needles and Rowan's felted tweed. I'm loving it sooo much!!!

Cobblestone Pullover

I'm at the point where I need to put the garter on scrap yarn and start the sleeves! I would've been much farther along had I not started the Girlfriend, but Cobblestone has until X-mas ;)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

We've named her Purl and Auntie "Tay" is in town

My dear friend Jody's cat had kittens. The girls and I were fortunate enough to actually see the birth of 4 healthy kitties in August. We thought long and hard about taking one of the cuties off of her hands. We, as a family, sat down and had a mighty long discussion after dinner one evening and we decided that since there are 6 of us, we could handle the responsibility with each of us playing a part. She's absolutely adorable. Jody had mentioned that she was the most shy of all the kitties and she would need some serious loving. Boy was she wrong! She fits in wonderfully and the kids can't get enough of her. Very very soon I will be knitting her some cute balls with catnip LOL.

The name was a bit of a challenge. Takoda wanted Halo Kitty (a sort of play on Hello Kitty and the new game Halo 3 ~ which I may add, he'll NEVER play!). Sagan suggested Sarah, which was very suiting and we all thought was very cute. Eiley really liked Princess Leia and Lilla didn't really have much of an opinion. Obra wanted to wait a bit to get to "know" the kitty before naming her. What about me? Well, I had her name picked out even before I knew which kitty we would be taking. Hands down, it was going to be "Sparta" after the ever famous 'Mean Kitty Song' kitty. The kids and I could watch this video over and over and over again. Cory Williams (aka Mr. Safety) is hilarious, cute, and shares the same name as me!

And, although the kitty does have an ever so slight mean streak, she was nowhere in the same league as Sparta. So, we all agreed upon "Purl". It is extremely fitting.

Also, Auntie Kay is in town, for 2 WEEKS!!! WOOT! It is so wonderful to have her here. We all love her dearly and she is literally kicking my butt into shape. My house is rather small and terribly cluttered. She's taken on the challenge of MISSION ORGANIZATION CORY'S HOUSE. It's a huge task and she's hanging in there like a trooper. We took a nice break Saturday night and had girlie movie/knitting night. It was wonderful. My mother, my aunt, and myself just hanging out knitting and crying our eyes out to chick flicks. No stinky men and no kids. Who could ask for more??

I have some progress pics to share but it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Mini WICKED and Bowling Ball knitting?

As promised, here is a pic of my mini Wicked. I used size 3 bamboo DPNs, CO 36 sts, and followed the pattern as best I could for the size I wanted. I just wish you could see the cable better, but I think I needed more repeats. I made it for the Shop, I plan on putting it in a frame. I think it's incredibly cute, hee hee. I'm also contemplating a mini Argosy for another frame. I know, I'm super cheese with the whole mini thang, but it's so quick and EASY!!

I also want to share something that I am utterly impressed with. We carry Mountain Colors yarn and we frequently get, what we lovingly refer to as BIG OL' HONKIN' HANKS. It's 1450 yds in one hank!!! How cool is that?!?! I've wanted to see it wound up forEVER. The wonderful Sheila purchased a hank several months ago and I made her swear that she wouldn't cut it. She came awfully close several times but she kept her word. I helped her get the last of it into the ball a couple weeks ago and this is what 1450 yds of gorgeous wool looks like in a ball.

Yep, it's bigger than a bowling ball!!!
On a non-knitting note, the kids were off of school today and we headed to the zoo with some friends. Just imagine, 2 women, 6 boys age 9 and under, and 2 girls. And it was about 95 degrees. Okay, that may be an exaggeration but it certainly felt that hot. So, Mother Nature, do you not realize that this is Chicago? The Windy City? And, it's OCTOBER. Yes, ma'am, it should be chilly now. I can't stand the heat. I sweat just thinking about the sun shining. How will I ever be able to wear my handknit sweaters at this rate?

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Here I am

Blogging. . . I've toyed with the idea for about 2 years now and I've now made the commitment. Do I have the time to be a regular blogger? Nope, probably not. I have a husband, 4 children under the age of 10, and a job. What's my job? If you're a knitter, you may not want to read any farther because you will be terribly envious. I am my mother's sole employee. My mother, you see, owns a knitting shop, Nana's Knitting Shop. Two years ago this month, she opened the doors, at which point I didn't do much knitting. Mom has been knitting since she was about 7 and tried many times to teach me as I was growing up. But, the day I turned thirTEEN, I became incredibly awnry and was way too cool to EVER be seen with knitting needles in my hands. It wasn't until I had my third child and became a huge cloth diaper advocate that knitting even crossed my mind. I then sat down once again with my mother and I actually learned how. Probably 6 months after I made my first swatch, Mom opened the doors. A knitting shop has always been a dream for her. It's what she loves and she was finally in a position to actually do it.

I work Saturdays at the Shop. It didn't take long for me to become a full fledged addict. Being around all that fiber all the time and checking out the latest IK and hip new patterns that come pouring in, seriously, how can one not become hooked? I have a terrible tendency to start way too many projects at once, however. I can't tell you how many unfinished projects I have at this very minute. It's pathetic, but I know that there are many like me out there. I have taken on this "hobby" like second nature. It now flows through my veins and I'm constantly thinking about what I'm going to make (or finish) next. For a good while the "regular" customers would know not to ask me the techinical questions, because, honestly, I had no flippin' clue. But now, I do believe I've gained the confidence of quite a few and I find myself answering the tricky questions without even thinking. Okay, okay, so I'll never touch Intarsia again or I can't begin to explain how to do Fair Isle, but I'm alright with that. Right now, I don't need or want to do either. And, guess what? I'm a TEACHER!!! I can't begin to tell you how much fun it is to teach this wonderful craft to great people. I'm even designing my own classes on items I've actually finished. I LOVE IT!!!!

So, enough knit blabber for the moment, and a little on who the heck I am. My name is Cory and I'm a knitaholic. *sigh* See, I can't even talk about myself without knitting getting in the way. My name is Cory, I'm 33 and married, and I have 4 wonderful children, 2 boys and 2 girls, more of them to come, I'm sure.

Before I close out, I do want to leave you with my completed project of the day. I'll post a pic tomorrow, but envision a teeny Barbie sized Wicked in Debbie Bliss baby Cashmerino in color 002. It is too flippin cute if I do say so myself.

Till tomorrow my new knitting friends. . . .