Friday, October 5, 2007

Mini WICKED and Bowling Ball knitting?

As promised, here is a pic of my mini Wicked. I used size 3 bamboo DPNs, CO 36 sts, and followed the pattern as best I could for the size I wanted. I just wish you could see the cable better, but I think I needed more repeats. I made it for the Shop, I plan on putting it in a frame. I think it's incredibly cute, hee hee. I'm also contemplating a mini Argosy for another frame. I know, I'm super cheese with the whole mini thang, but it's so quick and EASY!!

I also want to share something that I am utterly impressed with. We carry Mountain Colors yarn and we frequently get, what we lovingly refer to as BIG OL' HONKIN' HANKS. It's 1450 yds in one hank!!! How cool is that?!?! I've wanted to see it wound up forEVER. The wonderful Sheila purchased a hank several months ago and I made her swear that she wouldn't cut it. She came awfully close several times but she kept her word. I helped her get the last of it into the ball a couple weeks ago and this is what 1450 yds of gorgeous wool looks like in a ball.

Yep, it's bigger than a bowling ball!!!
On a non-knitting note, the kids were off of school today and we headed to the zoo with some friends. Just imagine, 2 women, 6 boys age 9 and under, and 2 girls. And it was about 95 degrees. Okay, that may be an exaggeration but it certainly felt that hot. So, Mother Nature, do you not realize that this is Chicago? The Windy City? And, it's OCTOBER. Yes, ma'am, it should be chilly now. I can't stand the heat. I sweat just thinking about the sun shining. How will I ever be able to wear my handknit sweaters at this rate?


tiennie said...

What a teeny tiny cute little knit!

miss elizabeth said...

Oh, I think it's super cute! I love the idea of making mini-knits; you can have so many more examples that way! It's much better than just swatches (which I think are very important in knitting shops; yarn can be very different knitted up). Little tiny socks to showcase hand painted or fair isle print sock yarn would be stupendous. You could hang them on like, a little clothesline! Too cute!

Cat Morley said...

Wow, so tiny and so sweet

Knitterary said...

I love your mini Wicked! So cute!