Sunday, October 21, 2007

We've named her Purl and Auntie "Tay" is in town

My dear friend Jody's cat had kittens. The girls and I were fortunate enough to actually see the birth of 4 healthy kitties in August. We thought long and hard about taking one of the cuties off of her hands. We, as a family, sat down and had a mighty long discussion after dinner one evening and we decided that since there are 6 of us, we could handle the responsibility with each of us playing a part. She's absolutely adorable. Jody had mentioned that she was the most shy of all the kitties and she would need some serious loving. Boy was she wrong! She fits in wonderfully and the kids can't get enough of her. Very very soon I will be knitting her some cute balls with catnip LOL.

The name was a bit of a challenge. Takoda wanted Halo Kitty (a sort of play on Hello Kitty and the new game Halo 3 ~ which I may add, he'll NEVER play!). Sagan suggested Sarah, which was very suiting and we all thought was very cute. Eiley really liked Princess Leia and Lilla didn't really have much of an opinion. Obra wanted to wait a bit to get to "know" the kitty before naming her. What about me? Well, I had her name picked out even before I knew which kitty we would be taking. Hands down, it was going to be "Sparta" after the ever famous 'Mean Kitty Song' kitty. The kids and I could watch this video over and over and over again. Cory Williams (aka Mr. Safety) is hilarious, cute, and shares the same name as me!

And, although the kitty does have an ever so slight mean streak, she was nowhere in the same league as Sparta. So, we all agreed upon "Purl". It is extremely fitting.

Also, Auntie Kay is in town, for 2 WEEKS!!! WOOT! It is so wonderful to have her here. We all love her dearly and she is literally kicking my butt into shape. My house is rather small and terribly cluttered. She's taken on the challenge of MISSION ORGANIZATION CORY'S HOUSE. It's a huge task and she's hanging in there like a trooper. We took a nice break Saturday night and had girlie movie/knitting night. It was wonderful. My mother, my aunt, and myself just hanging out knitting and crying our eyes out to chick flicks. No stinky men and no kids. Who could ask for more??

I have some progress pics to share but it will have to wait until tomorrow.

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abby said...

Purl is a cutie, mayne she needs a sweater..... or a kitty bed.... or maybe even a headband.....