Tuesday, November 20, 2007

On the Tooth Fairy

When I was little, all but maybe 1 or 2 of my baby teeth had to be pulled. They just wouldn't fall out on their own. I don't know why and I have yet to ask Mom about it. But, I vividly remember being knocked out and woken up later minus a tooth or two. Takoda lost his first tooth when he was 7, and still hasn't lost all of his baby teeth. This very morning, Sagan (whom will be 7 in January), lost his very first tooth. He had an apple with his breakfast with the intention that it would, indeed, fall out. And that it did. He is so very excited that the Tooth Fairy will visit him this evening. Which brings me to my Tooth Fairy story.

Personally, I think this "Tooth Fairy" MUST be the daughter of the original. Either that, or the original has gotten so old her memory is shot. She's somewhat of a ditz. Takoda has lost 7 teeth, and of those 7 the Tooth Fairy has forgotten to show up about 5 times. She makes up for it a day or so later, but forgets nonetheless. A couple of weeks ago, she had to dish out double the money. Takoda was lucky enough to find a ziploc baggie with his name on it. Inside that baggie? Yep, his baby teeth. What on earth was this fairy thinking? A: leaving her paid merchandise behind was extremely irresponsible B: it put some major doubt in regards to her existence within this innocent 9 year old's head.
Thankfully, Ms. Fairy heard our plight and made up for her mistakes. I'm just really hoping that she won't mess up this one tonight. It's Sagan's very first tooth and he is so beside himself with excitement. Just look at that adorable toothless grin.

On the knitting front, guess what I made?? MITTENS!!! I used Malabrigo Worsted and Knitting Pure and Simple's Basic Hat & Mitten Set For Children. They were my first pair and took less than 24 hours to complete!! WOO HOO! I guess it helps that they are for L and are tiny. I started a pair for T and I'm done with the first. Can you guess what everyone is getting for Christmas this year?


Anonymous said...

What beautiful mittens! You've inspired me to finish mine. Way to go Sagan!

tiennie said...

Great mittens!

Hmm...this must be the same tooth fairy that visits my house!