Wednesday, March 26, 2008

You know you're a knitter when. . .

Last Monday, I finished my legwarmers. Legwarmers? No, I don't dance. I used to, but once I hit my infamous teen years "formal" extracurricular activities were tossed aside. I'm not attempting to relive the Flashdance style of the eighties. It is all about the yarn. Seriously. Of course it was Malabrigo and of course it screamed to me every single time I walked past it in the shelf of the shop. It was Malabrigo worsted in the colorway "Mariposa", which means "butterfly". Beautifully stunning greens, greys, purples, yellows STUNNING! The problem? It looked like poop held up to my face. Poop, I tell you. I was CRUSHED. The solution? A hand knit garment in my favorite yarn that would be nowhere near my face and definitely NOT a bag!! What else but legwarmers? Quick as a bunny I snatched up 2 skeins and cast on ~ one skein per leg heh heh, talk about COZY!!! Lickety split they were done and perfect! But, what oh what to wear with with them? So, last Tuesday, I went shopping. I own a fairly cute denim skirt so all I really needed was a shirt. I poked and poked and poked around Macy's for what seemed like an eternity until it literally jumped off of the rack and slapped me across the face. I am the epitome of casual, really, I am. So, the shirt I picked is a long sleeved heather grey tee shirt with embroidered details. A perfect match. I had to wait until Saturday to wear the whole ensemble to the shop, but I tried it all on for my dear dear Eiley. "Oh mommy, you look beautiful." (my poor kids NEVER see me in a skirt LOL) "Thank you, Eiley, but what do you think of the legwarmers?" She looked down and back up at me and said "Mom!! Those are filthy! How 'bout you buy some new ones? In purple!" Seriously, my family does not understand my love for color.

Saturday morning I was off to work. Cute new shirt, great denim skirt, some funky striped tights that were hidden by me kick butt legwarmers, and my beloved Earth boots. Yes, I said boots. Yes, it was snowing AND it was icy out. Can you tell where I'm headed? Yes, I fell. Big bulky knitting bag, purse, and a little butt wiggle to my walk = slipping & sliding on ice and falling. I felt it coming. I saved myself twice, but the third time threw me way off balance and I fell on my right knee. Hard. It could've been much worse and I suppose it hurt a lot. But, I was concerned with one thing and one thing only. My right legwarmer. A couple cars watched me go down so I had my pride and I couldn't stop and make sure it wasn't *gasp* TORN! I made it to the Shop without any tears or limping. I immediately threw my stuff down and examined my gorgeous leg warmer. Oh yeah, they are soooo long they go up to my lower thighs with some slouchy room by the ankle. It was fine. A little snow covered, but fine. Phew!!! The outfit was a hit, at least I think it was. I received compliments all day and I'm not sure if people were just being nice or if they were sincere. It doesn't matter, I took them all to heart and held my head high all day. Sadly, I totally forgot to ask someone to take an action shot.

The next day I was so achy I couldn't figure it out until my mother pointed out the fact that I took a digger. Yep, it's in the books. I'm old. I'm so old in fact that a little fall damages me for days. I honestly never thought I'd see the day. I suppose I'd be bed ridden if I fell as much as Lilla. Lucky Little Limber Lady!

Soooo, you know you're a knitter when you knit an object and THEN go out and purchase clothing to match. I know I'm not the only one. Fess up.

If you haven't seen Harold & Maude, please do! It will change your life. My mother kept telling me to watch it, and about 4 years ago I finally did. Last Friday Tammi came over and she watched it for the very first time. It is NOT child friendly in any way shape or form, but this first clip is ;) It is the song from one of my favorite scenes in the movie, this clip just makes me smile. The second clip is NOT child friendly.


tiennie said...

You're too funny! Woohoo on getting to use the lovely yarn on leg warmers and going shopping too! So awesome!

Tricia said...

Ah, Harold and Maude, my all time very favorite movie. Can't believe it took you so long to listen to me. I take that back. I can believe it. You still don't listen to me.

Kristin said...

I am definitely going to have to take your recommendation and add that movie to my netflix account :)

i also LOVE legwarmers, and yours are truly beautiful :)

k_purls2 said...

I totally need something to wear with the one (yes I said it) one sock I just finished. LOL. Oh yes I to match the socks I made for my husband last year, that he's only worn once. I'm taking them back since I'm always in his sock drawer anyway!