Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Let it Snow or Winters in Wilbraham

Growing up in New England, I loved playing in the snow. My grandfather's home is atop a mountain, the view is literally breathtaking. When it snows it is the most beautiful place in the world. His front yard is the perfect mini hill for small children to sled down over and over and over again. I would spend hours playing in the snow, making snow angels, snowmen, sledding, eating snow with real Vermont maple syrup, and my dear sweet grandmother would weather the cold and help me build snow forts. Grampy would plow the ferociously long tretcherous driveway and occassionaly, I would be allowed to ride along on his Stanley tractor with snow blower attachment. Most winters the snow would come with gusto, it was not unusual for us to get 2+ feet, snow days were many, and cookie baking was frequent. Listening to the classical station or Julio Inglesias while ironing hankies and watching Nan take "40 winks" brings back warm cozy memories of winter although none of those things were limited to winter ;)

Now we are surviving our winters in Chicago and I have 4 children of my own to lovingly watch enjoy the snow. Oh the task of getting 4 children dressed properly to play in the snow is tiring just thinking about it. Picture the movie 'A Christmas Story', remember Ralphie's mother getting his little brother dressed to walk to school? Remember the poor kid couldn't put his arms down or get up once he'd fallen? Well, my kids aren't too far from looking like that. Sure, we've got the snow but along with the snow in Chicago comes bitter temperatures and WIND. Lots of wind. Snow is no longer magical for me. It takes me around 20 minutes per child to get them dressed. Yeah, do the math. Luckily for me, I don't have proper winter atire so I don't get to "play" with them. Daddy or The Prince are the responsible ones for all snow playing activities. Of course everyone is ready to come back in the house within an hour (at most). And today, we probably have about 6" of nice sticky snow and of course the kids are off school for winter break. Do I weather the storm and let them play (while I work on Dahlia )?
Or should we bake cookies and paint all day? If there were only 2 of them, the answer would be obvious. I just don't have the motivation to gather up all the winter accessories. My poor poor children are deprived. Where oh where is Papa when we need him?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cory: I enjoy reading your blog and especially the "Let it Snow" Keep up the good work. Enjoy Therese