Monday, January 7, 2008

Welcome!! ....Spring?

Wasn't it just the other day I was talking about snow?? Would you like to know today's weather here in the Chicago area? Ummmm 63 degrees!! What is that about???? I have the windows open and the temp is perfect, for SPRING. I think Mother Nature needs a refresher course. It's January for Pete's Sake!

On the knitting front, I desperately want to make the fingerless mitts that Johnny Depp wore in Sweeney Todd. Over the holiday "break" I saw a ton of movies ~ Sweeney Todd, Gone Baby Gone, I Am Legend, and Juno. All were AWESOME!!! But I need to own 2 on DVD TODAY!!! Sweeney Todd (I live for Tim Burton!) and Juno. I have to figure what stitch is used on Johnny's mitts ;) Some say seed stitch and I think it's garter knit flat. And as for Juno, well, I just need to quote the movie for the rest of my life! So, go see a movie and bring your knitting ;) Just don't get popcorn residue on your yarn.

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connie said...

While tis isn't the same it is awfully close...go get the CD of Sweeney Todd. OMG I have listened to it over and over in the car. My faves are Little Priest and By the Sea.

Oh and I think both are right about the gloves. I think he work two different pair as when I noticed them the first time I saw garter and the second I saw seed. Probably a cosume glitch since he never changes anything else. Oh, oh...I bet he lost them out of his back pocket on the train...that's it! :^)